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Katherine Mourzine или летняя стажировка на ФЭМ

Katherine Mourzine или летняя стажировка на ФЭМ

27.09.2017 20:14

Летом 2017 года гражданка США Katherine Mourzine (Екатерина Мурзина) проходила стажировку на факультете экономики и менеджмента. Екатерина по национальности русская, но родилась и выросла в США, штат Миссури. Сейчас является студенткой Государственного Университета Штата Огайо и проходит обучение по программе MBA (управление персоналом).

Вот что она сама написала о своем пребывании в России и о том, как она проходила практику, работая в приемной комиссии ФЭМа.

Стажировка Екатерины Мурзиной на экономическом факультетеGiven the opportunity to intern for St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology, one of the most prestigious universities in Russia in multiple fields, I was able to learn about the admissions process for the Economics and Management Faculty. When I first began working in the admissions office, I was concerned about my lack of knowledge regarding technical terms in the Russian language. However, each of my coworkers was immediately very helpful, understanding, and willing to teach and I am very grateful for the work environment this internship provided me with. My immediate priority the first week was to understand the admissions process as much as possible, despite the slight language barrier. Shadowing a few girls as they assisted with applications, acquired proper documentation, and proctored exams when necessary really helped my understanding of the admission process. The application itself is very similar to the one I filled out before attending The Ohio State University in The United States. Additionally, the mandated foreign policies of the admissions process are something I became particularly fascinated by, due to the amount of individuals who came in fr om neighboring countries in hopes of attending this university. Different nations have different visa, immigration, and documentation/passport requirements. For me, being able to see so many cultures of people coming to this office in hopes of working towards a diploma was eye-opening. For these students, attending this university is something that could change the course of their lives regardless of wh ere they come from. The varying range of ages between individuals coming into the admissions office also reinstated just how important a comprehensive, business-related degree is to the job market. Those who were not coming straight out of school with test scores have to take three cumulative exams in the subjects of social studies, mathematics, and the Russian language. I spent a good chunk of time looking through these exams and attempting to fill them out myself; I cannot overstate how much this helped with my Russian reading skills. The most beneficial aspect of the internship was how similar the learning material was to what I am currently learning at my own university, as I am pursuing a Business Management degree with a minor in Russian. The first time I realized this was when Dr. Alexey Zelezinsky gave me the opportunity to sit-in on one of many diploma presentations. Seeing each of the students present an analysis on a company’s economic progress, their logistical processes, and Customer Relationship Management in the Russian language was incredibly relevant to me, yet difficult to fully comprehend without knowledge of technical terms. Because each student gave out material incorporating information from their presentations, I was able to study this material more in depth afterwards. After looking through each of these presentations and translating them into English, my knowledge of economic, logistics, and other business terms in the Russian language increased substantially. With all of this in mind, I hope to continue my relationship with St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, and am very thankful for my time here!

Katherine Mourzine

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